We humans are creating a picture of "us" that history will judge. Whether it's in our relationships, our work, the ways in which we steward our natural world, sharing, teaching; we are daily shaping our contributions to that picture. There is much hope in knowing that we have the ability to chose what those contributions are and what is, and will be, our impact in the world. 


At HPI, we are using our work in media, workshops, travel, and retreats to add our value to that picture. We also use our platform to share stories of others who are working for this same mission. Through this exchange, we encourage belief in creating a personal mission, to take action in measuring every choice by that mission, and ultimately inspiring courage to do meaningful work. 

The Human Picture Initiative is working to make meaningful and positive contributions to our picture of humanity. We do this through media, workshops, and facilitating international experience trips and retreats.

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