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Cina Canada

Cina is the Founder and Director of the Human Picture Initiative, an organization committed to making positive contributions to our picture of humanity. Her focus to learn from, and be of service to, others led her to create HPI as a space to do this, while also giving others the same opportunities. HPI Retreats are part of the foundation and purpose of the Human Picture Initiative. They are also a way for Cina to directly participate in that mission. She has traveled and worked around the world for more than 20 years, is a documentary filmmaker, media producer, certified raw food chef, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® trainer, owner of the Juice Boost, part-time botanical grower, herbal student, and a participant in the Missouri wildlife conservation program.

Abbe Ehlers

Abbe Ehlers, RYT-500 has been a yoga practitioner for over 18 years and teaching yoga since 2004. Her yoga is called YOGA FROM THE HEART, a principle she considers each time she leads a class. Abbe received her yoga teacher certification from the Yoga Alliance after studying with a variety of gifted teachers and through The Yoga Studio of Kansas City. She continues to keep her practice and teaching fresh through self-study and continuing yoga education with master teachers, predominately Aadil Palkhivala and others including; Judith Hanson Lasater, Julie Gudmested, Suzetter Schultz, Shiva Rae. These influences have helped shape her eclectic style of yoga. Her foundation for yoga is Purna and Iyengar inspired but she incorporates a variety of styles including vinyasa flow. In 2009, Abbe completed extensive studies in therapeutic yoga with Mr. Palkhivala.

Marcy Kaveney

Marcy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. With no previous experience with alternative treatments, she  opted for no chemo and pursued a completely nutrition based treatment through raw foods, supplements and fresh vegetable and fruit juices. She did her own exploration and learning and discovered avenues that worked for her. She then opened a raw/vegan/juice truck in Salida, CO to continue promoting and sharing what she had learned through her own experiences. She now works to support other women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer via an online mentor network, and is actively pursuing education in various movement methods to enhance her tools for sharing with others about healthy lifestyle options.

Jenny McGee

Jenny was a stressed out mother and graphic designer, diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. She was given a 50/50 chance of surviving. Every day after this diagnosis was a day she questioned survival. She underwent a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation treatments and was solely focused on survival. In the midst of recovery, she realized that part of her survival process was expressing and releasing all of her emotions (the good and the scary). Creating art gave her an outlet for this expression. She eventually discovered that she could help others learn to express themselves through art, too. So, she dedicated her work to this cause. She now works to guide people towards positivity, play and empowerment through creativity, helping them learn to express emotions, ambitions and goals. Although she is not a therapist or coach, and does not treat or diagnose, Jenny is a professional artist who will walk alongside you and help you find the tools and techniques you need to effectively empower yourself through art expression.

Dr. Katrina Bogden, ND

Dr. Katrina Bogdon carries a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM). After completing her doctorate, she was drawn to the integrative care model for cancer at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, where she completed her residency under Bastyr University. She worked alongside oncologists and several integrative healthcare professionals. Dr. Bogdon’s passion is teaching empowerment in health and wellness. She sees her purpose as a naturopathic doctor in connecting people back to the natural roots of healing and supporting an integrative paradigm of healthcare. A primary tenant of naturopathic medicine is that each person carries the innate ability to heal when the obstacles to healing are removed. Through workshops and individual consults, Dr. Bogdon shares natural tools and techniques to remove the obstacles to optimal health.

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