The HPI team has collectively traveled, worked, and/or lived in more than 75 countries around the world. Each of us has a desire to share with others the learning opportunities we have found in travel. However, it’s not just the traveling itself that inspires us - it is the people we meet, the relationships we cultivate, the cultures and traditions we encounter, and the meaningful work we discover along the way, that keep us on the move.

The best ways to challenge assumptions about our world and our purpose come most deeply through personal connection experiences. HPI Travel is designed to create possibilities for those experiences and to facilitate opportunities to evaluate our roles in the human story. Most importantly we hope to inspire belief that we are all contributing to that picture of humanity and that we can choose what will be our contributions.

    Due to the current Covid concerns world-wide, HPI Learning Trips are suspended.    

       Please sign up below to be notified when we resume travel. Stay safe and kind!       

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