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Death of an American town

The story of a one town condemned by the Environmental Protection Agency and happens when a place becomes a federal Superfund site, designated for "clean up."

Choir Performing

Music Is A Bridge

This film adds compelling insight to the conversation about those living in vulnerable and marginalized populations. Arts organizations around the US are supporting these communities with music to bridge the gap between being disenfranchised  and  dignified.

In Production
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Our Tradition, Our Home: Switzerland

This film explores the unique sounds of the "natural yodel" in two very different mountainous regions of Switzerland. From yodel choirs and alphorn players to farmers and townfolk, these vignettes highlight the personal joy brought about by living traditions that create a sense of home.

Lacrosse Stick at Sunset.jpg

Creator of the Game

A courageous exploration of the Haudenosaunee people and the origin stories of lacrosse. This project is produced by Sakoneseriiosta Brent Maracle and in partnership with Fridays Films. 

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