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Move & Breathe
Helping you do you with more ease. 

The GYROTONIC® Method offers those with mobility limitations an opportunity to explore movement, rhythm and breath in a safe environment with the purpose of experiencing meaningful benefits to all systems of the body. 

Class Offerings



Three class intro

New movement practices generally take a few sessions to assess if they will work for you. It's recommended that you sign up for this introductory offer as a three-sessions-in-one-week package.



9 class foundation* / in a 3 week period

This offer allows you to dive in and commit to a three week practice that will give you time to see meaningful results!


* Prerequisite to signing up for an ongoing, long-term schedule. 


Weekly 1 hr classes / min 2 days per week

Once you have completed the nine class foundation sessions, you are ready to pursue regular weekly classes. 

Balancing Rocks

You can help others have access! 

While some folks with mobility limitations can easily access resources to explore helpful alternative therapeutic modalities, there are those with mobility and financial limitations resulting in little access to these kinds of beneficial resources. If you would like to support someone in need, we have that option available.

100% of donation dollars designated for "Move & Breathe Classes" go to those who would like to try the
GYROTONIC® Method but would not otherwise have access. Sponsored classes are $55 per class. 

If you are someone who could benefit from such classes but need 
assistance, please email

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