Adventure Host

DAVID DOBSON - Professional Travel Photographer

David grew up in Calcutta, India and Cairo, Egypt as the eldest son of American missionaries. He was given his first camera at a young age, and it was in those visually stimulating cultures that David began developing a strong visual passion and unique storytelling perspective.  

David has traveled on assignment to over 153 countries around the world and is now based in Nashville, TN. On the HPI Youth Photo Adventures, David brings his endearing ability to connect and teach young people from a place of fun and adventure.

To see more about David and his work you can visit 


Katie Canada

Katie is mom to Sophie and Logan and works as the Chief Creative Director of Departika, a digital design agency that she co-owns with her husband, Corey.

Larissa Dobson

Larissa is the mom of Ian, Emma, and Noah. She lives and works with her husband, Paul, and their kids in Penang, Malaysia.

What To Expect

Give your kids the gift of adventure



AGE: 11-13, Level 1 Adventure

DATES: June 12-20

COST: $3895 


International flight, overnight accommodations at departure city if required, all in-country expenses: food, accommodations, travel, entrance and activity fees, customary tips, local guides/interpreters, bottled water, registration for all US residents in the US Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, 24/7 emergency support.


Domestic airfare getting to the departure destination, travel document costs (passport fees, etc...), trip cancellation insurance, airline/baggage fees, personal snacks and personal spending money.


Each student will be required to provide their own camera. However, no special photo camera is required. For those using a digital SLR, there will be learning opportunities for technical information like what lenses to use, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings. For those using automatic cameras with fixed lenses, or phone cameras, topics like framing and content will be the focus.



Orientation for the trip will be held one month prior to travel and is mandatory for all trip participants. This will be held as an online Zoom call. A trip checklist for the specific destination to where the student is traveling will be provided upon registration. All students will be required to have appropriate waiver documents signed by a parent or guardian. Travel insurance is required by all participants.


All students must arrive to the port of departure the night prior to departure unless they live in the city of departure. 


Group will be met upon arrival by the photo adventure host and in-country facilitator and guide. 


Provided upon application approval and registration. This will include details for activities, destinations, accommodations information and contact details, emergency contact information, etc...

Please contact us with additional questions and/or to request an application at

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