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From CTPH: For many visitors, trekking the magnificent mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is the experience of a lifetime. A trek with CTPH offers travelers the chance to experience mountain gorillas up close with one of Africa's premier primatologist. 

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Photo: CTPH


Experience the thrill of seeing Uganda's endangered mountain gorillas in their native and wild habitat.


Experience life at a local coffee farm to learn about the complexities of sustaining people and wildlife communities.

The Trek

What To Expect

FROM CTPH: Tracking Gorillas with Dr.Gladys is a rewarding experience. Depending on how far the gorilla night nests are from the gorillas, this can sometimes include visiting the gorilla night nests and collecting fecal samples, which are later analyzed at the Gorilla Health and Community Conservation Centre. Alternatively, you may find yourself standing mere feet away from a family of mountain gorillas going through their daily grooming rituals. No matter the experience, the bucket list item of gorilla tracking in Uganda with CTPH will be one you never forget.

Travelers will fly from Entebbe to the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the Buhoma area in the district Kanunguo.  There, the group will be hosted by the CTPH team at their gorilla conservation camp along the edge of the forest. Professional trackers who have identified the nighttime nests of a particular gorilla family the night prior to the trek. will go out in the early morning hours to  find a single family's foraging area for the day. This will allow them to guide us to our observation point. Once we find the family, we are allowed one hour to sit in awe and observe.


NOTE: 100% of camp proceeds go toward protecting the gorillas and the health of the surrounding communities. 

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Coffee Safari

What To Expect

FROM CTPH: Dr. Gladys founded Gorilla Conservation Coffee as a social enterprise that buys the farmers’ coffee at a premium price and gives a donation to sustain the critical health and conservation work of CTPH. Gorilla Conservation Coffee trains coffee farmers to improve their coffee quality and increase production yield. Traditionally, most Ugandan farmers concentrated on the bitter robusta bean. Gorilla Conservation Coffee is encouraging farmers to improve methods and shift to arabica, a higher grade and more profitable coffee on the international market.


Gorilla Conservation Coffee works with farmers who sometimes would poach to meet their basic needs. As coffee production has become a viable livelihood for these farmers, they take on a vastly improved attitude towards wildlife. Tourists make up the majority of the consumer market for the beans, and their very presence in Uganda and their interest in Ugandan coffee relies on the existence of gorillas.

The group will take a tour of various coffee farms around Bwindi to discover the process of brewing from bean to cup, taste fresh coffee, and explore the Gorilla Health and Community Conservation Center. You will learn how the CTPH enterprise helps farmers and conserves the endangered mountain gorillas of Bwindi, and you will savor the unique taste of our coffee, which is medium roasted and has an aroma of caramel, butter, and almond. To remember your time here, each visitor receives a free 125g bag of our single origin 100% Arabica Kanyonyi Coffee Blend to take home. 

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